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Dialogues on Diversity Keynote Speaker – Payton Head

Payton Head is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri where he represented 28,000 students as President of the student government. In the aftermath of Ferguson, he spearheaded conversations about improving race relations in Missouri. Head’s viral Facebook post detailing his experience with racism at Mizzou ignited students to fight for a more inclusive campus and shook up the world of higher education. Head was featured in Teen Vogue’s “How Three Students Changed the Course of History at Their Schools.” As a leader who represented thousands of diverse people from the U.S. and abroad, Head had to find the unique balance between advocating for the well-being of the black community while advocating for students of all different backgrounds. He discusses inclusive leadership strategies that focus on being intentionally intersectional in the representation of communities different from his own. Head also talks about his own experiences navigating white LGBTQ spaces as a black man and black liberation spaces as someone with a queer identity.