All In. All Year.

Identity & Inclusion Everyday

All In. All Year. is the Center for Inclusion & Cross Cultural Engagement’s new intersectional approach to heritage month planning that allows for continuing conversations about multiple identities throughout the academic year!

All In. All Year. – Spring Calendar

All In. All Year. – Fall Calendar

Click HERE for the printable version of the 2020 All In. All Year. Spring Calendar!

Click HERE for the printable version of the 2019 All In. All Year. Fall Calendar!


January 2020 Event List

February 2020 Event List

March 2020 Event List

April 2020 Event List

May 2020 Event List

August 2019 Event List

September 2019 Event List

October 2019 Event List

November 2019 Event List

December 2019 Event List

Event Submissions:

To submit your event(s) to be featured on the All In. All Year. Calendar, please complete the form here. Submission of the form does not guarantee that events will be featured on the semester and/or monthly calendar; however, All In is not a programming approval board.

Submission Deadlines:

Fall 2020 Semester: August 10, 2020 *events submitted for the semester calendars will also appear on the corresponding monthly calendars*

September Calendar: August 20, 2020

October Calendar: September 21, 2020

November Calendar: October 20, 2020

December Calendar: November 20, 2020