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The University of Mississippi recognizes that students may desire to use a different name and be addressed by a name different from their legal name. This name could be slightly different from your legal name or a name that you are most commonly referred.  For this reason, the University permits the use of “Preferred Names.”  Students may submit their preferred name through the myOleMiss portal.

When indicated by the individual, preferred names will be used in communications and be displayed in the University’s online directory, email and myOleMiss.

Preferred names will not be used for official University business or on any official documentation submitted by the Department of Human Resources due to legal requirements.  However, whenever reasonably possible, a preferred name will be used.


Legal name:  The name as it appears on a legal document such as a Social Security card or other document in which a legal name change is recorded (e.g. court order).

Preferred name:  The name a person wishes to be known and have appear in the University systems.

Places Where Legal Name will Display

  • Insurance documents
  • Payroll and tax forms
  • Retirement documents
  • Formal HR correspondence

Places Where Preferred Name Will Display

  • General documents or correspondence
  • Online Directory
  • Email Display
  • myOleMiss Name Display

If you need assistance and/or would like to discuss the preferred name policy, please contact the with changing your preferred name please contact the Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Engagement, please call 662-915-1689 or email