CICCE Inclusion Team (iTeam)


The Center for Inclusion & Cross Cultural Engagement’s Inclusion Team are student volunteers who are dedicated to promoting diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. This group will function as a proactive educational advocacy group that promotes diversity and acceptance at The University of Mississippi. The iTeam will help develop and present educational workshops to promote the awareness, acceptance and necessity for diversity to fellow students. The primary goal is to increase awareness of diversity related concerns while creating a dialogue that explores the campus definition and understanding of diversity. Applications for 2018-2019 iTeam members will be available in March 2018.

The Inclusion & Diversity Education Team is currently accepting requests for the Spring 2019 semester (February 12 -April 20, 2018): Inclusion Team Request Form. Please submit form at least 2 weeks in advance of your desired program date.

UM Allies Training for Students


The Center for Inclusion & Cross Cultural Engagement and Sarah Isom Center for Women & Gender Studies collectively partner to offer UM Allies Training for students, faculty, and staff. More information can be found at Allies at the University of Mississippi.

Facilitated by Dr. Jaime Cantrell, the CICCE’s LGBT Program Coordinator, UM Student Allies training is a three hour workshop that aims to 1) encourage a basic understanding of LGBTQ+ definitions, concepts and terms relating to sexual orientation and gender identities, 2) introduce campus and state-level issues and concerns that impact UMiss students who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans*, and/or questioning/queer, and 3) model how to be an effective and informed ally to those communities. This training session is specifically designed for undergraduate students. As a result of participation, students will be able to:

  • Articulate the role of an ally and the purpose of the Allies program as it relates to LGBT+ advocacy and inclusivity;
  • Practice active bystander intervention strategies;
  • Identify campus resources for members of our LGBTQ+ community and their allies;
  • Increase awareness of basic terms and information about the LGBTQ+ community knowledgeably and with sensitivity;
  • Learn how to report incidents of harassment and/or discrimination;
  • Develop strategies to reduce incidents of micro-aggressions on UM’s campus, including homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and heterosexism;
  • Implement commitments to help create and promote a supportive and welcoming campus environment for faculty, staff and students, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

UM Allies Training for Students will be held on the following date:

April 5, 2018 : 4:00 PM-7:00 PM (Location TBD)

Registration will close three days prior to the training session. We encourage participants who seek active listening, informed action, and who advocate for the acceptance and fair treatment of LGBTQ+ students at the University of Mississippi. Upon successful completion of the training session, students will be given an allies button to wear as a visible sign of support for the UM LGBTQ+ community.

To register, please complete the UM Allies Registration Form.

Dr. Jaime Cantrell is also happy to coordinate training sessions for student organizations, residence halls, and other student groups. To request a training for your group, please e-mail her at or at least 3 weeks in advance of your proposed date.


The Mississippi Outreach to Scholastic Talent (MOST) Mentoring Program will match incoming freshmen and high school seniors of color with an upperclassmen mentor. Applications for 2018-2019 MOST Mentors will be available in March 2018!

During the summer, the University hosts the MOST Conference for rising high school seniors. The goal of the summer conference is to expose prospective African American students to leadership activities, academic offerings, campus resources, faculty, staff, and student leaders. Following the conference, mentors will help to guide and support students through the admission process into the University of Mississippi and throughout their freshmen year. Participants are also invited back to campus to participate in a reunion event. The 2018 MOST Conference will be held July 15-17th. Registration for rising high school seniors will be available April 3-April 17, 2018, or until capacity is reached.

Summer 2016 MOST Conference participants who will be enrolled at the University of Mississippi during the 2017-2018 academic year, should complete the MOST Mentoring Program Registration Form. As a current student, the MOST Mentoring Program will serve as a vital component to your academic and personal success. Through e-mail, social media contacts, monthly scheduled events, and 1:1 meetings, your MOST Mentor will provide additional support that enables you to complete your first year at the University and remain on a course toward graduation. The registration form should be completed by Friday, August 25, 2017. Welcome week activities will be held on Sunday, August 27th from 4:00PM-6:00PM.

UM CONNECT Mentoring ProgramCICCE STUDENT LEADERSHIP LOGOS4UM CONNECT will match incoming freshmen of color (Latin American, Native American, African American, Asian American, and multi-racial) and first-generation college students with an upperclassmen mentor. The program will serve as a vital component to the academic and personal success for students. Through e-mail, social media contacts, monthly scheduled events, and 1:1 meetings, CONNECT Mentors will provide additional support that enables you to complete your first year at the University and remain on a course toward graduation. Incoming freshmen who would like to participate in the UM CONNECT program, should complete the UM CONNECT Registration Form by Friday, August 25, 2017. Welcome week activities will be held on Sunday, August 27th from 4:00PM-6:00PM.

Applications for 2018-2019 UM CONNECT Mentors will be available in March 2018!

AAMERG Initiative

The purpose of the AAMERG Initiative is to unite UM faculty, staff, and students through community outreach, mentoring, personal and professional development, and servant leadership. The ultimate goal of the AAMERG initiative is to strengthen efforts for recruiting, educating, retaining, and graduating African American males at the University of Mississippi. For more information, please download the AAMERG Brochure.

First year students interested in participating in AAMERG should complete the AAMERG Freshmen Registration Form by Friday, August 25, 2017. Welcome week activities will be held on Sunday, August 27th from 4:00PM-6:00PM.

AAMERG Ambassadors will have a more active role in leading the AAMERG Initiative. They will serve as peer leaders, liaisons between students and faculty/staff, and key programming coordinators for events that serve the interests of African American males both on and off campus.

Please download the full description of the AAMERG Ambassador Program for more information. Applications for 2018-2019 AAMERG Ambassadors will be available in March 2018!

Multicultural Resource Library

The Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Engagement offers an ever-expanding library of cultural resources including films and books. Students, faculty and staff members are welcome to visit us in Stewart Hall to view our collection and use the available resources.

Facilitation and Presentations

Our staff is available to facilitate engaging dialogues and interactive workshops about topics of social justice, inclusion and diversity. We will customize the presentation to fit the needs of your group! Student organizations, faculty members and university departments may request a presentation or workshop by emailing at least two weeks in advance of the desired presentation date.

Co-sponsorship and Consultation

If you have an idea for a new program or service that will further support the university’s mission of inclusiveness, the center welcomes the opportunity to partner with your organization or department! Please contact us to discuss your idea and how we might support your efforts. We are also available to provide members of the campus community with individual consultation on issues of diversity and inclusion.